‘A lot of the team started to get ill’

The BBC’s weekly The Boss sequence profiles one of a kindbusiness leaders from round the world. This week we talk to Thomasina Miers and Mark Selby, founders of Mexican restaurant chain Wahaca.

When team of workers at a quantity of Wahaca branches started out falling ill, Mark Selby says “it used to be a fairlyhuge shock”.

This was once lower back in November 2016, when the UK enterprisewashit by means of an outbreak of norovirus, otherwiserecognised as the vomiting bug.

“A lot of the teamstarted out to get ill, and we did not understand why,” say Mark: “Then we beganlistening to from our clients a few days later.”

In the quit 200 individuals of group of workers and 160 diners had beenaffected via the virus, and Wahaca had to quickly shut nine of its 25 sites.


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